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PCD/CBN Inserts

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PCD - Polycrystalline Diamond

Indexable's family of five PCD (polycrystalline diamond) grades satisfy all of your non-ferrous and non-metallic machining needs. From the roughest and most strenuous conditions and materials to the tightest tolerance and smoothest surface finish requirements, our PCD inserts deliver maximum productivity.

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CBN - Cubic Boron Nitride

Indexable's line of CBN tooling (cubic boron nitride) offer great hardness and abrasion resistance, coupled with extreme chemical stability when in contact with ferrous alloys at high temperatures. It has the ability to machine both steel and cast iron at high speeds for long operating cycles.

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Reconditioning Inserts

When considering a PCD or CBN insert from Indexable, remember that a majority of our inserts can be reconditioned. Whether it is relapping, resizing, or retipping, reconditioning an insert or catridge optimizes the cost-effectiveness of this tooling.

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