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Ceramic Inserts

The Bio-Material of the Future

Advanced ceramics constitute a high strength class of materials that are characterized by improved hardness, fracture toughness, thermal shock resistance and wear resistance. These outstanding structural characteristics, coupled with magnetic resonance imaging, give today's advanced ceramics the opportunity to be the bio-material of the future.

Indexable Cutting Tools of Canada has pioneered the manufacture of advanced ceramic material using energy efficient micro-wave sintering. The company has six world wide patents for its sintering and ceramic technology. Indexable's ceramics are used world wide in some of the harshest industrial environments.

Last year Indexable manufactured MRI invisible ceramic aneurysm clips and biopsy tools for a neuro arm (please see photos). We at Indexable see the opportunities that are available, coupled with our novel Canadian technology, for bio-ceramics.

Ceramic Surgical Blade Ceramic Surgical Blade
Ceramic Biopsy Tool Ceramic Biopsy Tool
Ceramic Aneurysm Clamp Ceramic Aneurysm Clamp

Ceramic Surgical Blade Proposed Ceramic Surgical Blade with Ejection Scalpel