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Carbide Inserts

Cost-Effective for General Purpose

Choosing the appropriate carbide cutting tool for your machining application is the difference between increased productivity and costly inefficiency. Selecting the most suitable insert from among thousands of variations is no easy task. It is, however; the key to prolonging tool life, avoiding catastrophic failure, ensuring work piece quality and minimizing downtime for tool changes.

Indexable Cutting Tools makes the choice easier. For over 50 years, Indexable has been dedicated to meeting the cutting tool needs of customers in industries as diverse as automotive, aerospace, electronic, and heavy equipment manufacturing. Through our broad range of products, technical expertise, R & D capabilities, and commitment to customer service, Indexable provides cost-effective, flexible solutions to any cutting challenge.

By utilizing advanced, proprietary technology, we manufacture precision ground inserts that provide consistent, increased productivity. An ISO9001-2008 registered company, Indexable is driven by an emphasis on quality in everything we do.

  • Precision ground - consistent & increased productivity
  • ISO9001-2008 Registered Company - manufactured to exceptional quality
  • Available in uncoated, and coated style inserts
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