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Ceramic Inserts

World Class Cutting Tools

The development of our microwave sintering process began in the early 1990's at the Westaim facility in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. It was here in 1996 where after years of development the first commercial products were produced.

Having been awarded several key patents and acquiring a great deal of proprietary know-how, the technology quickly grew into a dynamic business.

After numerous innovations in processing and materials, our silicon nitride products developed quickly to become established as world class cutting tools.

In 2000, our technology and state-of-the-art facility located in Edmonton, Alberta were acquired by Indexable to form the first vertically integrated cutting tool manufacturer in Canada. Our advanced ceramics are currently produced in Edmonton, and final finishing is completed at our Welland, Ontario headquarters.

We continue to innovate and produce cost-effective ceramic cutting tools that consistently exhibit the highest performance and quality available.

The Advanced Ceramics Story

Ceramic Image Atmosphere Controlled Microwave Sintering Furnace
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