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I-50 - An AI(2)O(3) grade, which is enhanced with zirconia. This is a very stable grade and can be used for general machining and finish cutting of cast iron.


I-100 - Shows excellent thermal shock and wear resistance. A general purpose machining grade for hardened steel. It can be used for finish and semi-finish cutting of soft cast iron without interuption.


MW30 - Designed for rough turning of cast irons. MW30 is the toughest grade for rough turning cast irons. Can be utilized with flood coolant to increase surface finish.


MW37 - Developed specifically for the high speed machining of nickel based alloys. It is capable of machining materials such as iconel 718 (45hrc) at speeds up to 10 times faster then carbide.


MW43 - Specifically for high speed general and finishing turning cast iron, MW43 offers enhanced hardness, toughness, and high temperature strength resulting in very high wear resistance; promoting longer tool life. This grade also displays increased chipping resistance as well as higher speeds and feeds overs competitor's grades. The exceptional red-hardness of MW43 allows it to maintain stable life without the risk of premature wear due to heat.


MW43B - A modified version of Indexable's high successful MW43 grade, MW43B has been engineered to provide a tougher cutting edge, specifically for applications that require a more forgiving substrate. This grade also works with or without coolant depending on your application requirements. MW43B is also successful in finish turning of nodular iron providing dependable tool life and toughness.


TITAN - Indexable's TITAN was developed for milling applications involving cast irons. TITAN offers high shock and impact resistance, and has proven exceptional at rough turning nodular irons.


MWW - Indexable's whisker reinforced grade offers longer and more stable tool life over other competitors grades, with reduced chipping and notch wear. Specifically for machining hardened steels, nickel, and cobalt based refractory alloys with greatly increased speeds and feeds over carbide.


Made from the Finest Powders in the World

Using proprietary technology, Indexable manufactures some of the strongest, wear-resistant ceramics. Our patented microwave sintering process produces a very fine-grained micro-structure featuring a more enhanced hardness, toughness and high-temperature strength.


Indexable offers a broad range of ceramics for machining the hardest cast irons to the toughest high-temperature alloys. Download the catalogue below for more details.

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These ceramics machine a broad range of materials from the hardest cast irons to the toughest high-temperature alloys.

Bio Ceramic Applications

Indexable Cutting Tools of Canada has pioneered the manufacture of advanced ceramic material using energy-efficient micro-wave sintering.

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Leader in Ceramic Inserts

We are a global leader in the development of pressed-to-size ceramic inserts. Our ceramic insert products offer the customer significant savings in a majority of roughing applications.

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