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Manufacturers know that productivity and profitability inevitably go hand in hand. For more than 50 years, Indexable Cutting Tools' mastery of insert production and precision cutting technology has provided manufacturers around the world with an edge in operational efficiency.

Located in Ontario's famous Niagara Region, Indexable's head office and diamond division serve North America's industrial heartland. From this strategic base, we reach markets all over the world: Auto parts manufacturers in the U.S. , Canada, Brazil and Mexico. The aerospace industry in the Czech Republic. Powertrain and brake manufacturers in Germany and Italy. Leading-edge electric wind generation factories in China. Die and mold makers in Argentina. And more.

Our customer list includes the giants of manufacturing; Honda, Fiat, General Motors, Magna, Nemak, Wyman Gordon, Bosch, Brembo, T.R.W. and Kelsey Hayes to name a few. On many occasions, we've even supplied our own competitors like Sandvik, Valenite, Sumitomo and Diamond Innovations with product and R&D expertise to enable them to expand their services and product range. We consider this a great compliment, coming from the key players in our own industry.

Behind Indexable's global success is a comprehensive product line supported by six world-wide patents. Quality is built into each and every Indexable insert, demonstrated by our ISO9001:2008 System Certification. The high quality of our raw materials combined with exacting tolerances ensures longer tool life, a critical tangible for today's manufacturer.

When it comes to flexibility and customization, Indexable delivers as no other. Our R&D specialists and manufacturing operations work seamlessly together to produce new materials and special inserts for custom applications and requirements. In fact, more than half of our total sales involve inserts and grades not found in our standard catalogues, a testament to Indexable's ability and eagerness to meet our customer's ever-changing needs.

Indexable's flexibility extends beyond our ability to develop the right tool for the job. It is also built into all our production and scheduling systems, ensuring fast order turnaround times - a key advantage in today's lean manufacturing environment. Lean ourselves, we can offer affordable pricing, without sacrificing any of the quality in which we take great pride.

Our range of products is comprehensive, from specialty carbide inserts, to leading edge PCD diamond and CBN tooling, to advanced ceramics.

Our carbide inserts are the cost-effective solution for general purpose machining as well as number of special applications. With a wide variety of materials and coatings, Indexable provides the grade that offers shock, wear and temperature resistance best suited to your needs.

A complete line of cubic boron nitride inserts offers exceptional strength while resisting abrasive wear for machining hard ferrous materials including steel dies, alloy steels and hard-facing work pieces.

Look to Indexable's quality polycrystalline diamond inserts for efficient machining of non-ferrous metals and abrasive materials. With exceptional durability and lifespan, our PCD inserts deliver maximum productivity for specialty applications. Indexable utilizes the most advanced C.N.C. diamond grinders to ensure exceptional edge quality, tolerance and uniformity.

From our advanced ceramic division in Edmonton, Indexable pioneered MicroWear, an innovative microwave sintering technology that sets the standard for performance. With high heat tolerance, excellent finishing properties and longer tool life, these fine-grained ceramic inserts are the ideal choice for high-speed turning and milling applications, helping achieve impressive cycle time reductions and increasing productivity by up to 50%. Indexable is the first and only cutting tool manufacturer in the world to use this remarkable process, producing a finer grained silicon nitride with ceramic properties that we believe cannot be achieved through conventional sinter-vac technology. Our proprietary microwave technology heats the ceramic from the inside, producing a microstructure with enhanced hardness, toughness and high temperature strength. Microwear was also first in the world to introduce pressed-to-size silicon nitride inserts, offering our customers great savings on rough milling and turning.

Indexable also offers excellent programs for further cost savings. The refurbishing of PCD inserts as well as downsizing for ceramic and CBN inserts has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in operating costs. Honda, General Motors and Wyman Gordon are just a few of the many customers who have taken advantage of this refurbishing and downsizing expertise.

At Indexable, we take pride in environmental responsibility, and it shows throughout our operations. Our microwave technology consumes significantly less energy than traditional sintering processes. Our downsizing program enables customers to re-use inserts multiple times instead of simply discarding them after initial life. Our advanced silicon nitride is an excellent dry machining material eliminating the need for costly coolant systems and the dirty by-products inherent in wet cutting.

It is no surprise that so many world class manufacturers that have partnered with Indexable for their cutting tool needs. With quality materials, exacting tolerances, exceptional R&D, superior service, environmental responsibility and affordable pricing, we at Indexable are proud to say that "our edge is excellence."