PCD/CBN Reconditioning

Reconditioning Inserts to Optimize Cost Effectiveness

INDEXABLE offers 3 different ways to recondition your insert or cartridge to optimize the cost effectiveness of the tooling.


This is accomplished by using CNC grinding technology to obtain the correct cutting edge quality desired. The insert or cartridge is reduced in size; if more than 0.015" (0.381mm) needs to be removed the tool will be rejected. At that point it may be reconditioned using another of Indexable's PCD/CBN reconditioning processes. This is by far the most economical process available.

Relapping Image


Resizing the insert or cartridge is accomplished by removing the segment, preparing the pocket, inserting a shim, and reinserting the segment. This allows a tool to be returned to its original size through CNC grinding technology. If more than 0.020" (0.508mm) has to be removed, the tip is not acceptable and must be retipped. If resizing is a viable option, it allows for an economical way to return the tooling to like-new standards.

Resizing Image


Once the tool can't be relapped or resized, retipping the tool becomes an option. Retipping allows the body of the insert to be retained while a new PCD/CBN tip is applied and CNC ground, returning it to like-new quality and standards. Retipping is also an option when the segment has suffered severe fracture while the tool body remains intact.

Retipping Image