Research and Development

New product design and development is a crucial factor in the survival of a company. In an industry that is fast changing, firms must continually revise their design and range of products.

Indexable has continually benefited from this philosophy. The recent successful development of bio ceramic materials, two new silicon nitride cutting tool grades and deployment of the first commercially used atmosphere controlled microwave sintering furnace, designed by Indexable, attest to our continued commitment to research and development.

Case Study: Bio-Ceramic Aneurysm Clip

Indexable, partnered with a Canadian research institute, have pioneered a bio-ceramic aneurysm clip for the medical industry. An aneurysm clip is used to isolate an aneurysm in the brain from normal blood circulation, and are historically made from Titanium. The issue with Titanium is it causes artifacts and distortion in MR imaging (MRI).

Utilizing Indexable's strengths in world-class insert design and manufacturing, the team was able to design a bio-ceramic aneurysm clip that provides an undistorted MRI of the clipped area.

Partner With Indexable

Indexable has successfully partnered on many diverse joint projects with industry leaders and universities. To find out how Indexable Cutting Tools can partner with your organization contact us today! Contact Us →