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Indexable's new titan ii silicon nitride ceramic insert grade provides the toughness needed for high-speed milling and rough turning of cast irons

Indexable's next generation, fine grained silicon nitride ceramic insert grade, is the fifth in the series of microwave sintered ceramic insert products.

Indexable is introducing, Titan II, a silicon nitride ceramic insert product that is an extremely tough material specifically formulated for high-speed rough turning and both rough and finish milling of cast irons.

For over ten years, Indexable has provided the metal cutting industry with MW43, MW30, and MW37. MW43 is a cast iron grade that provides enhanced hardness for increased wear resistance and longer tool life. It has the toughness properties to resist chipping and the high temperature strength for running at higher speeds in the 1500 to 4200 sfm range. The MW37 grade is formulated for high-speed machining of nickel-based alloys typical of those used in the aerospace industry. MW37 is capable of machining materials like Incoonel 718 at speeds up to ten times faster than carbide.

Titan II is answering the need for a very tough ceramic grade. The toughness of a grade is determined by the grain size and the consistency of that size. By utilizing the microwave sintering process, the desired toughness and thermal shock properties of Titan II silicon nitride can be produced, resulting in an insert that can run faster in heavier depth-of-cut conditions. Speeds range from 1000 to 3800 sfm depending on the depth-of-cut.

Like all of the Indexable ceramic grades, Titan II is available in all different types of turning and milling insert geometries. In addition, for finish turning, wiper radius insert geometry is available. With this design, the blended radii of the wiper insert create a crowned wiper effect. The trailing edge wipes or smears the wave pattern that is typically left behind. The blended radii knocks off the high points creating a smoother finish to be produced at higher feed rates.

Indexable has pioneered the microwave sintering of advanced ceramic products. Headquartered in Welland, Ontario, Canada, Indexable has been manufacturing quality cutting tools for over 50 years. Indexable offers a complete line of standard and special inserts for turning, threading, grooving, boring, milling, and drilling. All tooling is available in a vast array of cutting materials from carbide to PCD diamond.